The Electric Theatre - Guildford

Remembering Bill Bellerby

Today we are remembering our dear friend and supporter, Bill Bellerby, who died yesterday.  Bill, and his wife Doreen, did so much to champion local theatre throughout their lifetimes – Bill was still storming the stage even at his 100th Birthday Celebrations in March this year, holding us all enthralled and entertained that evening as he had many a witty tale to tell.  Without Bill’s passion and enthusiasm over many years Guildford would be a poorer place and 20 years of performances, music and films would not have happened here at The Electric Theatre.  Bill will be missed.

Photograph shows Hon. Freeman Bellerby M.B.E. (r), with Darren Lloyd, Lady Heald, Michael Buerk and Mayor, John Woodhatch at the Opening of The Electric Theatre in 1997.