The Electric Theatre - Guildford

The Electric Theatre Digs List

The Electric Theatre is seeking accommodation for visiting actors! If you live relatively close to the theatre and you have a spare bedroom that you’d be happy to rent out from time to time, then we’d love to add you to our ‘Digs List’.

The theatre welcomes actors from all over the country on an ongoing basis. Good, affordable, comfortable digs for people who don’t live in the area is an invaluable resource. It’s also a great way to welcome people to Guildford.

An actor may require to stay with you for anything from one night to the full duration of their stay. You can, of course, choose not to accept any bookings which aren’t convenient for you. The price is up to you, but as a guide an actor will expect to pay around £65-£85 a week.

We would be massively grateful to anyone who would be willing to open their homes to our actors and as a thank you we will offer complimentary tickets to our shows to anyone on our Digs List.

If you are interested in joining The Electric Theatre’s Digs List then we will ask you to complete a form with information of the accommodation available – for example your distance from the theatre, how much you want to charge, plus any other useful information. Any photographs you can provide are also a bonus! The Digs List is shared with actors looking for accommodation and from this, arrangements can be made between yourself and the actor/company manager.’

If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact Nate on 01483 910195 or drop an email to